Glimpse into “The Art of Racing in the Rain” book review

**Book one of ten for Project 29.** (Delayed post as I was giving the book as a gift, and did not want to alert the receiver to the book before their birthday!!)

I listened to this story as an audiobook via Audible. I began one evening on March 27th 2013, and finished it the following night (and have since heard it a second time while Mum was listening to it). I am so glad that I listened to it on audiobook; the narrator, Christopher Evan Welch, really brought it alive.

This story is told as if written by a dog; a loving, intuitive, observant dog. He lives with a family and is caught up in their lives, doing his best to be their friend, counsellor, assistant, coach and family member.

It is a sweet story, filled with simple yet thoughtful life meanings and philosophies. As a reader, I instantly fell in love with Enzo, the dog, and began to fall for each of his family members, as they try to live their lives. There are twists, ups, downs and a general message to not give up on life.
For those who are interested in car racing, myself included, there is an element of this alongside the family and animal story lines too, making it a book that could entertain many. I particularly enjoyed the hidden messages and encouragements about making the most out life.

Garth Stein takes a lovely approach in looking at the world through a dog’s eyes, and in doing so, takes a step back and looks at humans and the way we live our lives in a unique and enlightening manner.

I just found out that the book will be turned into a movie!…with Patrick Dempsey (McDreamy!)