Glimpse into a misunderstood illness; Chronic Fatigue Syndome/Myalgic Encephalmyelitis

Having a chronic health problem is frustrating and horrible. Having a chronic health problem which is yet to be fully understood by medical and scientific explanations is like slamming your head against a wall of nails. The sheer arrogance, ignorance, insensitivity and degradation put towards people with these illnesses is mind boggling. 

To follow the great research happening into CFS/ME, this is a great site to visit:

Another thing that contributes to the poor understanding alongside the lack of a diagnostic test, is the name of the condition. Chronic Fatigue is such a loosely used term which trivialises the condition. Myalgic Encephalmyelitis is the less used name for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. This name incorporates the fact that it is a multi system condition.