Glimpse into Wellness Wednesday; week 8 2014 – belly breaths

This week has been one of information overload for me after a visit to a cardiologist brought a new diagnosis. I am working on staying calm, processing the information, and looking at it with a positive view, and as a step towards better health with new treatment.
Therefore, I feel this week’s Wellness Wednesday should focus on deep diaphragmatic/belly breaths. This type of breathing can reduce stress and pain, and improve crucial body processes such as your immunity and blood pressure. Once you have read this, take your focus away from the bright computer screen, away from the chores that need doing, and take your mind away from all that worries you.

Close your eyes, take a deep, slow breath through your nose, and focus on the rise of your abdomen/belly rather than your chest. Exhale slowly and feel the benefits of the increased amount of oxygen in your body. Be thankful for being alive, for being here to enjoy the good times, and for the good people in your life. Don’t let the big problems overwhelm you.

Every time you feel like the worry is setting in, take 5 to 10 deep breaths.