Life could change in a blink of an eye

I have been aware lately of the variable priorities people set in their lives and what they are subsequently likely to be upset, frustrated or disappointed by. As someone who has limitations in my life, I find it angers me when other people do not appreciate what they have, and in turn, I work towards being thankful for what I have and appreciate it.

We all have our own struggles and pains, and I do not want to take away from what each of us face day to day. What one person sees as a daunting mountain in their life, might be a walk in the park for another person. However, I feel that we should not be blinded by our emotions in some circumstances and miss the fact that, although you feel heartbroken, or financially stressed, or overloaded at work, you have a body that moves for you, food in your belly, friends to be happy with or family to love (or whatever it is that you do have which is good in your life).

We are all at liberty to have a good whinge from time to time, and honestly, it is therapeutic and healthy! However, the key, I think, is to not let a whinge turn into missing an opportunity in life, or a moment to be appreciative. Just because you feel sad and let down, do not lie in bed and mope if you have the physical capability to be out with friends, for example. If you do this, you are missing the chance for happiness and fun when someone who genuinely is unable to get out of bed is wishing they could do the same. Likewise, if you have too much pain or fatigue to leave the house, try to not be too sad or angry, but be grateful for the family who stay home with you, or thankful for the tv shows that keep you entertained, or for the warm blankets that keep you cosy.

Do not miss an opportunity because you’re “not in the mood”, or because you are annoyed with someone, or because things seem too hard. You really do not know if that could be the last chance you have to do it before something happens that means you actually can not do it. Jump at the opportunities which face you while you have the ability to; soak them up, devour them. There are so many people out there who can not, and I want to remind us all that life could change in a blink of an eye.IMG_5563