Blogmas: Days 1-7

Day 1 (Tuesday):


Happy Blogmas! Welcome to the festive month! I started the day with Human Nature’s, “Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer”, whHumanNature_Christmas_PRPhoto.jpgich was the perfect way to get into the merry spirit (though my brother
was not quite there, so I was ordered to turn it off after a little while…. :-p).

The body has not been behaving too well today, so I have been cocooned in my recliner chair, with Albi on my lap, anIMG_0723.JPGd my new computer beside me to play with. I have set myself a goal – to write every day – from Dec 1 to Feb 29 (and hopefully onwards!), so I worked on some writing. I figure if I am taking writing courses at uni, I should take it seriously and actually write every day and see what happens!

Day 2 (Wednesday):

A happily ever after read

I am going through a phase where I prefer books that are twisted, a little dark, and complex, so I have to put my thinking hat on for this one! One book that stands out though as being a lovely story that was uplifting, the art of racing in the rain.jpgfunny and sweet is ‘The Art of Racing in the Rain.’ I read this a couple of years ago, and then promptly recommended it and gifted it to many people! This story is told by Enzo, who is a dog. This provides a fantastic perspective for the book as he goes through life with his human family, looking at the wonders and absurdities of humans. It is a beautifully written book, and the audiobook is amazing too.

Day 3 (Thursday)



Red is the colour on the book I have just finished reading, ‘Slade House.’ There is a book review post going up today about it, so go check it out here! I thought it was a great read. Now to start reading something a bit more festive or dreamy for the merry season….

Day 4 (Friday):

Favourite character on the naughty list

I am going to go with Boo Radley, from ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ and ‘Go Set a Watchman.’ He is portrayed as a bad man for most of the story, and his eery ghost-like presence is central to the book. Despite the scary reputation he has and the darkness his character gives to the books, he comes through when he is needed most. 1331455261_22.png

Day 5 (Saturday):


I spent today updating and working on my blog in my newly decorated room. It is lovely in here now – it has a bit of my personal touch to it, instead of feeling like a guest room. I have had Christmas music playing, Albi has been fast asleep on my bed behind me, and there has been a steady supply of spaghetti bolognese, blueberry ice cream and cups of tea.
And tonight….the TAYLOR SWIFT CONCERT!! What a perfectly suitable daily prompt for Taylor…sparkle! I have now seen Taylor three times (too much?!) with my friends. Concerts are exhausting, but this one has seating, and it is important to do as many ‘normal’ things as possible. What better way to stay happy than watch an overly enthusiastic blonde girl dash across the stage?! And of course, she was amazing. The atmosphere at her concerts is just complete joy and energy, and yes, there was A LOT of sparkle. Article Lead - wide1000796414gjkehximage.related.articleLeadwide.729x410.gjujge.png1443192361962.jpg-620x349.jpg

Day 6 (Sunday):

Best holiday book

d2b68-hamble.pngI think when looking for a good holiday read, you look for something comforting and uplifting, intriguing and good-natured, and to fit that, I think that ‘The Hambledown Dream’ by Dean Mayes is a great holiday read. There are layers to this story that pull you into a world of intrigue, love, music and growth, and it is the perfect book to either cosy up with next to the fire on a wintery day, or to devour on a summery day at the beach, whichever hemisphere you are spending your Christmas holidays (fitting too, because the book covers both too!).

Day 7 (Monday):


It has been yet another not-so-well day today, so acknowledging today’s prompt, simplicity, seems like a good thing to do. Since I have been on semester break from uni, I have really been feeling the inadequacy of my day to day being. Like I said in my recent post here, it is so important to have something to focus on, something that makes you feel like you have achieved something in the day. Without uni, and with my daily goal of writing not going too well (I am doing it, but with not much success at the moment!), I have slipped into that ‘meh’ feeling of ‘what am I doing with my life?!” So it is moments like these when it is important to acknowledge what I do have, to be aware and happy with the small things, and to be content with the simplicity. I have a gorgeous little pup who has been helping me to wrap a few Christmas presents (and albs.jpegattempted to become one too!), and who has been napping with me. It may not be jet setting about the world, or finishing up end-of-year business deals, or having fun at Christmas parties, but it is still ok. Simple is ok.