Life Update – Dec 2017

Hello! I’m back!

Life got more than a bit hectic over the past few weeks and sadly that meant blogging had to take a backseat. But now the university semester is finished, which means I can channel my time and energy into writing posts, and what better a time to start than the first day of Blogmas?!

I mentioned that I am going to take part in Blogmas, which means posting frequently during the lead up to Christmas. I only just decided to take part yesterday, so I have in no way prepared!! But I have ideas and I hope to make it as interesting and fun as possible. There are several ways to do Blogmas, such as posting every day or doing Twelve Days of Christmas. I am going to do the latter, and plan to post every second day. Are you doing Blogmas? I would love it if you let me know if you are so that I can check out your posts!

And just to do a little bookish update….

Just finished:
Currently reading:


What are you reading? And what is on your TBR?

Happy reading!! Talk to you on Sunday!