Reading Goals For 2020

Hello! I hope you’ve enjoyed some time relaxing and reading lately.

Today I want to talk about reading goals for 2020. I love reading. I love setting goals. So, setting my reading goals is embarrassingly enjoyable!

Now it’s time to plan for 2020! Here are my bookish goals for 2020.

Firstly, the number of books I want to read during the year is 52.

I wanted to choose a reasonable number. One for every week seems doable as I read 50 books in both 2018 and 2019. I definitely won’t read a book a week, but it will average out!

Within my target number for 2019  (which was 40), I made a goal regarding audiobooks and physical books. I aimed to read 30 physical/ebooks, and at least 20 of those without simultaneously listening to an audiobook.
This year, I want to adjust this a little. Because I had three numbers within the overall goal, I kept forgetting what the numbers I was actually aiming for were! I want to make it clearer. Also, I don’t want to make myself feel like reading a book at the same time as listening to the audiobook is less of an achievement or less worthwhile than reading the book by itself, because it’s not! However, I think that’s what I was implying to myself in 2019.

These 24 can be with or without audio at the same time. I enjoy that process, I get a lot from it, so I’m not going to make a goal that stops me from doing it.

Following on from some of the plans I had for 2019 that I didn’t quite achieve or could do better with, I want to:

  • Continue to prioritise my reading over mindless activities
  • Continue the Outlander series
  • Read more books that I already have on my shelves

Fresh goals for the year include:

  • Read classics
  • Choose more books that are set in places other than the UK or America
  • Continue with lots of buddy reads

Do you set reading goals? Do you find it motivating or do you prefer to just leave the year open to reading in general and go with what feels good? If you set goals, what are they? I’d love to know!

Happy goal setting, happy reading and Happy New Year!