10 Goals For 2020


2019 Things For 2019 Wrap Up post.

Here. We. Go!

1. A goal in 2019 was to start to drive, which I achieved (health issues previously stopped me from this). This year, I want to be able to drive to several places in particular that are close and would be good to be able to get to by myself:

    • the three local shopping centres
    • the physio clinic where I do Pilates
    • the gym
    • the local school I volunteer at

*The furthest destination is one of the shopping centres, which is 5 kms.


3. Produce at least 1 fully edited short story/article per month.

4. Submit every short story/article I write for publication.

5. Post on my blog once a week at the absolute minimum, and add the book reviews to Goodreads

Arvo Pärt: Spiegel im Spiegel (which would be awesome to play with my friend/s who play violin/cello (you know who you are…!). Any other suggestions?

7. Be more present during meals. I have a tendency to wolf down my food because I like to eat it hot rather than lukewarm. I then get to the end of my serve and feel like I haven’t taken the time to really enjoy the yummy flavours, so I have another (unnecessary) serve (leading to increased POTS symptoms, which I obviously want to avoid). I want to slow down, enjoy and not overeat.

Instead of saying my goal is ‘go to the gym 3 times a week’, or ‘get fit’, I want something more specific so that I have something tangible to reach for. It is quite hard to decide this as I don’t know how my body will handle any increase in the amount of exercise I do over the year. These are my targets so far:

  • (on the treadmill or outside). I won’t put a distance, speed or incline goal within this – walking is hard for me because fatigue and/or pain set in pretty quickly, so 30 minutes (not necessarily all at once, it could be split up with breaks) would be a major achievement.
  • Improve my body fat/muscle composition. I had a Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry scan done in April, and my percentages are currently not in a good range.
  • Hold a plank for 1 minute (and if I could do this twice with a short break in between, that would be mind-blowing!).

I have a ninth and tenth regarding my long-term future, which I won’t share at the moment.