2020 Bookish Goals – How Did I Do?!

It’s that fun time of year when us book lovers can reflect on the past year of reading and look forward to another year of an endless and ever-growing TBR list, new favourite books (and not-so-favourites), and lots of bookish chat!

I love setting bookish goals for myself. It really drives me to keep reaching for the next book (though, realistically, I don’t need much of a push most of the time!).

Each year, for the past few, the number of books I read has steadily increased, and definitely more so since I started studying writing and literature at university (makes sense!).

I love listening to audiobooks and will always have one on the go forever more (I hope!). In 2020, I wanted to focus on reading more physical/e-books (particularly those I already own…). I definitely did this, and a big factor of achieving this was the effect of buying an Apple watch. Sounds awful, I know, but ditching my phone at night and charging it in a different room made a world of difference to my reading. The watch means I can still send or receive important texts and an odd news update or two, but I am not tempted by the blackhole that is YouTube and Instagram! So, I then reach for my book or kindle! Game changer.

I feel happy about how I did with my goals in 2020. Here they are wrapped up:

  • Read 52 books – I read 53!
  • Read at least 24 physical books (with or without the audiobook at the same time) – I read 26
  • Continue to prioritise my reading over mindless activities – Absolutely. Thanks Apple! I can definitely keep improving this
  • Read classics – I read 8, which seems pretty good to me
  • Choose more books that are set in or written by authors from places other than England or America – These two definitely dominated, but I did expand to some interesting countries
  • Continue with lots of buddy reads – I did 2 this year. I read Normal People by Sally Rooney with a good friend from school during the first lockdown, which was a lovely distraction, and The Stranger Diaries with Stephen from stephenwrites.com. Both were really fun, though the books got mixed reviews!
  • *Continue the Outlander series – I do not know why I keep putting this off because I loved the first book. The size doesn’t help, which is ridiculous, because if a large book takes you the same kind of time that two takes you, does that really matter and why is that intimidating?! Book two, Gemma…do it!

I’d love to hear how your reading went in 2020. Please let me know below in the comments or on Instagram.

Speaking of my Instagram account…I had a name change towards the end of this year! It has been expanding with more bookish content alongside my foodie and spoonie posts, so to reflect that, I changed it from @LaughInTheFaceOfChronicIllness to @TheTastyChapter. What do you think?! It took me – and my very patient Mum – FOREVER to choose a name!

I’d love to interact with you over there too, so please leave your handle down below so I can follow you.

So, now to sign out from 2020 and check into a fresh slate of reading in 2021!

I will be reviewing my book stats for 2020 in my next blog post (because I am a major nerd and keep a very detailed account of each book), and my 2021 bookish goals post will come out soon!

Happy reading, and Happy New Year!