Back to blogging & 2022 life goals!

Hello! So, long time, no blog! Last year, I ended up focusing more on my Bookstagram @thetastychapter (and life as a spoonie studying a masters!) and I took a step back from my blog. I have missed writing longer pieces, which you can’t do on Instagram, so I have decided to get back into blogging.

To kick start my jump back into blogging, I thought I’d post my goals for 2022. I will follow this up with a post about my bookish goals and one about my writing goals.

2022 life goals:

  • Help Albi (my pup) with his new year’s resolution of 5 walks/week
  • Keep life, writing and reading journals
  • Drive more
  • feed theme; post >1 blog/week
  • Submit writing pieces more regularly and apply for writing jobs
  • Find more of a routineIt’s hard as someone with chronic health conditions to set a plan or timetable for the day/week because my body is unpredictable – e.g. one hour I can be productive, the next I need to lie down because of pain or fatigue etc. But this leads to feeling a bit adrift at times, especially without work hours or set uni class times (my classes are online and mostly self -paced). I have a couple of ideas that I think will be manageable (not every day, but hopefully most). These are: Be up, dressed, ready for the day and had/having breaky by 9:30am (This is a huge goal when not that long ago, I often wouldn’t surface due to my health issues before 10am and not properly start the day until after lunch). Treat Monday – Friday as the work week. This is a tricky one because if I lose some time due to my health, the weekend inevitably includes uni work. But I would like to have set days where I put my head down with study, writing, chores, Bookstagram/blogging and exercise, and days when I don’t feel guilty about chilling and socialising (I am happy to work on my creative writing on weekends though!). I might need to adjust this to a goal of having 5 working days in the week that aren’t necessarily consecutive as this may work better.

I would love to hear from you and catch up after such a long break! And I am keen to hear your life goals and how they are going so far.

It’s good to be back!

Happy days!