(Book two of ten for Project 29.)

On a rainy Sunday afternoon on April 7th, I started to read Anna Goldworthy’s book, “Welcome To Your New Life”. I had found it that day in one of my favourite bookstores (Mary Ryan’s in Brisbane) after a morning filled with yoga and breakfast with a friend. Bliss.
The first pages easily pulled me in (in case the amazingly gorgeous cover photo hadn’t already), and I could tell that this book was written in a funny and interesting way. The subject matter is not one I would normally purchase a book about. Pregnancy, birth plans and welcoming a new family member are all things that I would love to experience, and hope to one day, but they won’t be part of my life any time soon. That said, it seemed an odd book choice for me, but good reviews and the light and humerous way in which it appeared to be written intrigued me. And hey, a girl can dream.
I loved this book. It made me laugh out loud; it made me sad and anxious for the family; it made me desperately want to experience having a child; it made me thankful that I am child free! It was a simple read, but well written and kept me wanting to read more. Goldworthy looks into the many aspects of pregnancy, child birth, and the difficult and love filled event that is raising a child. The book also looks into attempting to combine adult life with children. It even contemplates life, death and the important questions in between.
I recommend this to anyone who is pregnant or plans to be, anyone who has had children, and anyone who has an interest in life and the making and ending of it. Even if you have no thoughts of having children but you want a good laugh, grab a copy!

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