I am starting a new series on my blog! I plan to write a post each month containing some goals I want to achieve, and a wrap up of how I went with the previous month’s goals. 

In January, there are three areas in which I have goals. Although it’s already the second week of the month, I am going to jump in!

Bookish goals:
I want to read one poem a day this month. I have always loved poetry and have been reading even more of it over the past few months, so I feel like reading one a day will be a nice way to concentrate on them.
I also want to read one short story a week. I enjoy having things to read that I can dip in and out of, and I also like to write short stories.
In 2017 I aimed to read more non fiction than I did, so to start the year off well, I want to begin a non fiction book in January.

Health goals:
I need to increase my protein intake at the moment due to one of my health conditions, so this month I want to focus on this. It’s easier said than done when you can’t eat meat, beans and legumes!!!
I also want to begin pilates and return to tai chi.

Writing goals:
This year I plan to work on an extended piece of writing outside of uni work. So this month I want to do research related to a story idea I have. I also plan to make an outline of the story.

Writing down goals and sharing them with others is a great way to stay motivated and accountable. Do you think monthly goals might work better for you than a few big ones for the year? What are some that you have on your list?

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7 Comments on January goals – 2018

  1. Can you eat Quorn? It’s something I’ve more recently started eating due to my stoma and needing something easy to digest that’s also high in protein (the Quorn chicken style nuggets and chicken style pieces are great and very versatile!) Might help up your protein 🙂
    Great goals for going forward this month!
    Caz x
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    • I have thought about it but I’ve read so much about how it is unhealthy and artificial so I am not really game to try! Let me know if you find it works for you.
      Thanks! Have you got some goals that you’re working towards?

  2. I think monthly goals are a really useful way of breaking down bigger goals, so I’m definitely on board with this idea! Good luck with your goals, if you run out of short stories to read, I do recommend Aimee Bender’s story collections – they’re quite fun and unusual!

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