It was blood test day on Friday and then back to the doc on Monday. Things are still going very slowly. I have had to confirm more time off from work as my body is still aching, tired, weak, my gut is playing up and my brain is still dizzy, thick and cloudy.
It seems so crazy when you and your family think you have had a good day when you have been able to sit on the couch for a few hours and be on the computer, go for a 5 minute walk in the park, and chat at dinner time!! The past few days have been better than last week in that I am actually leaving my bed, but at 28 years old, I am craving the ability to do a gym class, or go to work, or go catch up with friends without stressing that I will land in a heap!!!! I think it is probably frustrating this week because there is no change in the plan with meds or anything…just keep plodding on.
However, my parents are amazing. They pull me through. My other family members keep me going from afar overseas. Friends tell me to keep going too. And I keep thinking this week, I don’t have a life threatening illness. It is really frustrating at the moment, and maybe it will be for a while, but even though I can’t do everything I want to do, there is hope one day that I will be able to, and I have so much love from people sent my way that I am planning to enjoy what I have, and not dwell on what I don’t have.

I watched the movie 50/50 this week. It is about a young man with cancer, and I found it a really good thing for me to watch. Not only is it funny and well told/acted, it shows the frustrations of someone who is sick, how people around that person can help and how it is hard for those people too. Lots of laughs and motivation!

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