Hello all! I apologise for my recent absence from the blog. One of the ironic things about keeping a blog about life with chronic illnesses is that the chronic illnesses sometimes keep you from the blog!

Something exciting which has happened during the time though is that a puppy chose me to be his human!
Meet Albi, the Shih Tzu….


I have written previously about how beneficial animals can be in improving health and wellbeing, and Albi is no exception! My daily incidental movement (including countless stair climps for frequent puppy toilet breaks!) has increased substantially. I have something to be excited about to do for the day. I have someone to give me countless cuddles and endless attention (and plenty of puppy mischief!). He is even tiring me out so much that I haven’t used sleeping tablets since he arrived! He keeps me company and makes me smile all the time.
Obviously, these are all small things in the scheme of everything that is going on, but it all definitely helps my ability to cope! I researched for months and months and decided on the Shih Tzu, and I am so glad I did. He is so clever and inquisitive, full of fun and energy but totally happy to snuggle with me while I rest for hours, and is absolutely win-over-everyone cute! I am in love.
I highly recommend you find an animal to cuddle as soon as possible!

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