Week six! This is flying by. I would say my progress this week is similar to last week’s. I have had the added nuisance of regular nausea though, which I am frustrated and confused by!

Does anyone else have issues with meat, and different ways of cooking meat? I have had problems with slowed cooked and stewed meats for some time. Even the smell of them cooking makes me feel unwell. This week, as strange as it sounds, I think meat that has a stringy, fibrous texture is what might be causing the problem. I would love to hear anyone else’s ideas about digestive issues with meat, why it occurs, and ways to overcome it.

I am finding that the 2-3 pieces of fruit rule is making my fruit intake increase!! I have always loved fruit, and I would gladly eat fruit with every meal! I haven’t really restricted my fruit intake even since developing fructose malabsorption; I was finding that if I chose the low fructose options and ate each serve a few hours apart, I was ok. The Autoimmune Protocol encourages keeping the serves to 2-3 times a day, and I am struggling! Especially when that is the only sweet treat I can eat too. However, I do only eat fruit with very low fructose levels, so I can eat more than if they were higher in fructose.

Glimpses of week six’s food in photos:


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