This week began with a visit to a friend’s place which involved food. I cut up a pile of carrots, celery, and cucumber, and created a pesto. It was simple, but I was able to cater for myself as well as bring something that other people would be interested in eating (though, placed on a table which was full of amazing looking (and smelling!) cakes and sausage rolls, I’d have not blamed a soul for not touching the rabbit food!!!)

I also went out for lunch with my family. I ate a steak (which was probably cooked in the wrong oil, but at some point you need to choose lifestyle over diet), and steamed veg. It was frustrating not being able to choose what I wanted off the menu (boy did the calamari, BBQ ribs, and chicken parmigiana sound good!!), and I had to fight to not eat any of the chips that came on my plate, but it was enjoyable to be able to join in on a meal outside home.
This week I really think I can feel some benefits from this diet. Nothing groundbreaking, nothing life changing; I am still very unwell. However, my body feels lighter, and less sluggish. Maybe it is because I am not sneaking in any of the foods I am intolerant to. Maybe the inflammation in my gut is beginning to heal due to the lack of inflammatory foods. Maybe it is because it is now Spring, and the sunshine makes everyone feel better. I still have no energy to speak of, and have ridiculously low stamina, the brain fog is overwhelming, the joint pain rife, and the dizziness remains. The hard-to-describe lightness of my body though, makes it all just a teeny tiny bit more manageable, which is pretty good in my book!
I have also been taking Midrodrine for over a week now. My blood pressure remains low (my systolic doesn’t go above 100, despite the combination of Midodrine and Florinef), though my heart rate seems to have been fairly controlled when I have measured it. I have had dizzy spells, and I am exhausted, so I am not sure that it is really doing anything at the moment. I am getting the common side effect of a tingling scalp, which can be quite disconcerting and annoying, but if I were seeing results, I would put up with this side effect. I have also had some bad chest pain this week, but I am not sure what is causing this. I have been finding it difficult to fall asleep too, which had improved over the past few months. I am not sure if this is coming from the Midodrine, or the slight increase in temperature which I don’t cope with well – it causes night sweats, night time dehydration, and light headedness – possibly it is both. I will continue on for a few more weeks before I decide whether Midodrine is going to be of help.
Glimpses of week 5 in photos:


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  1. Gem, some good some not so of late 🙁 Great to hear you had a steak out and to not eat a chip, good job! Sounds like your still meds juggling, hope you find a good balance (side effects/benefit) soon! Just read your smoothie blog too, they sound great x Kristin

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