I can not believe it, but I have now completed one month of the AIP diet! Time flies when you’re having (free of everything) fun!!! 😉 

This week I have started a new medication for my Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Synrdome and hypotension; Midodrine. Due to this, my week seems to have gone past quickly with the focus on blood pressures and tablets. It has not made any difference to note so far, and I have been pretty exhausted this week. 
I do feel like my gut is happier this week though, so I am starting to wonder if I am getting some small improvements from the diet. On the whole, I feel less bloated and lighter. Even though I begrudge having more “rabbit food”, I am noticing that I feel less sluggish after a meal of fresh vegetables with a small amount of protein. 
I have been loving my spiraliser this week and have been eating countless meals of carrot and zucchini “noodles” (coodles and zoodles!). It makes it so quick and simple to add in a huge amount of vegetables, and makes it more exciting than just a stick of carrot (as silly as that may sound!).

I realised after three weeks on the AIP that Metamucil is from the outside of a grain, and therefore not allowed. I had to stop using this, but with all the added green leafy vegetables, I think I can safely say I now feel better this week than I did while using the Metamucil.
I have been really trying to restrict my fruit intake to two serves a day, but am not doing too well on that front. Most days I have at least three serves – a banana, a serve of pineapple, and a serve of berries. They are low fructose fruits though, so I feel I am doing okay. 
I have only used a tiny amount of coconut flour this week, and have definitely felt better for it. I use coconut milk or coconut water in smoothies, and coconut oil in cooking, which add some healthy fats, and my stomach seems happy with that. 
My focus on breakfasts this week has been successful. I have been mostly having green smoothies, which are great. I will do a post on some AIP compatable smoothie ideas soon. My family also cured and smoked some AIP friendly bacon for me, so that has made it onto my breaky plate a couple of times this week too! 
As for desserts, I still crave something sweet after dinner – more out of habit than anything usually. Somedays I have saved my banana for the day til dessert and whipped up a banana “icecream”, other days I have had a serve of pineapple or berries. I even attempted a rhubarb and strawberry tart, and a blueberry and coconut pudding. Both definitely need work with the recipe, but were delicious, so I will post these soon when they are more perfected. 
After feeling quite sad last week about losing baking as a hobby on this diet, I had a (somewhat obvious) revelation this week! Bake and create savoury treats! I have been filling the savoury side of my recipe creations book more this week than I ever have before! Once I have some strength and energy, I will make some of these and post the recipes if they are a success.This week, I have been more happy on this diet. I miss certain foods for sure, but I am aware of all the good nutrients that I am feeding my body (I feel like I am having a competition with myself on how many vegetables I can fit into a meal!), and am conscious of how much better I feel than others who are eating anything they want. I am also back to feeling like if I work hard with controlling my diet, that my overall health may benefit, even a little, and that is motivating.

Glimpses of week four’s food in photos:



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