We need to stop waking up like this; waking to news from overseas of something horrible happening.

I woke this morning to the sound of my parents’ phone ringing. It was missed, and then it rang again. I heard Dad get up and answer it, and say hello to my aunt. Then after a little while I heard him say ”Oh my gawd”, the words and tone he uses when something bad shocks him. He said this and then walked downstairs, still talking to my aunt, so I was left unable to hear if something was wrong. I rolled over and found a text on my phone from Mum, saying my brother and his fiance were ok, so that made me get out of bed, needing to know what was going on. I am glad at least that I was staying at my parents’ house.

A fun, healthy sporting event, hit by something so horrific. It is madness that we do this to each other. Humans are crazy creatures.

These brutal events hit so many people. The victims, their family and friends, the witnesses, the people who feel they were lucky at the near miss, and then feel guilty for being lucky, the emergency services, the people all round the world worrying; the list is endless. Mum was at the gym when someone came in and said the Boston Marathon had been bombed,and she nearly lost it, knowing her son and soon to be daughter-in-law and friends were part of the marathon .

The media feed people’s fear in these situations. We need to know the information, be aware, and send our thoughts and prayers to the victims, but the drama that is made out of these sad and tragic events just fuels the panic. Ratings should not come into it when reporting on the end of someone’s life. We do need to keep in mind the loss of innocent life that occurs that might be linked to motivation for and retaliation from these attacks. Murder is murder no matter who is behind it, and we need to remember all those innocent children and families affected. At the same time, we can not let these terrible acts of violence frighten us from living our lives.

Life is so tentative. Here and then gone, in a millisecond. It may sound corny or cliched, but let those people you love know that you love them, forgive people, enjoy people, make the most of their life being part of your life. Furthermore, do everything you dream of. Don’t settle for a mediocre life. Do not rely on the thought that you can do something next week, or you can make ammends with that person in a few months, or that great dream you have will fall into place ”one day”. Make the best of every moment because a life not lived to its fullest is a waste of the opportunity, and the regret of unsaid or undone things when someone is lost is an unbearable burden.

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3 Comments on Glimpse into the Boston Marathon bombing

  1. I sat bolt upright in bed this morning when the news filtered from the bedside radio. I haven't any words for it but you have articulated what's in my heart.

    Tha.k you.

  2. Very true. Every time I hear a story like this, my mind goes back to London and how lucky I was to catch an earlier tube that morning and that my family who were also over there at the time were safe. I wonder what the world is coming to sometimes.

    P.S. Which brother is getting engaged? I am clearly behind the times.

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