This Wellnes Wednesday, I want us all to choose what our happy place is. Where is it that makes you feel positive, relaxed and smile, despite how your body may feel?

Now, plan to go to that happy place this week.

Take a few minutes out of your day, or a few hours, or a few days of the week, and enjoy some “me” time in your happy place. It does not need to be alone, if there is someone else that you can’t imagine being happy without in your happy place. It doesn’t need to be far away. It can be in your favourite sunny spot in the garden, with a cup of tea.

Changing your scenery is invaluable. It makes you appreciate life. Since I have focused on having a happy place, it gives me somewhere  to think about in my mind when I am not there, somewhere to be motivated by to get back to, and somewhere to feel renewed by when I visit. For me, it is the beach, and I can feel it healing me the second I arrive.

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