~ March 19 2013- March 19 2014. ~

A lot has changed in my life recently, with things happening that are not so easy to deal with.
This week I had my 29th birthday, and as this is the last year of my twenties, I don’t intend to be derailed!

I am always looking for new things to experience, learn, see, taste, make and do. Due to health restrictions, I currently look for gentle activities that keep the mind busy but the body resting.

To keep me motivated and entertained, I have decided to begin a project for the year. I intend to undertake 29 new challenges for my year of being 29, and document them here. I am looking forward to carrying out these projects and letting myself do something for me.

These are the challenges I am setting myself for the next year:

1. Set regular DSLR photo challenges and create an album
2. Watch three classic movies
3. Make a pebble welcome mat
4. Get back into playing the piano
5. Frame pictures of family and friends
6. Learn yoga
7. Learn the ins and outs of buying my first home
8. Write five poems
9. Read and review 10 books
10. Fabric paint a jumper
11. Create kids’ animal cushions
12. Learn more sign language
13. Create framed quotations
14. Keep a book of my favourite recipes

The thought of 29 challenges does seem daunting, as some days it is an effort to get out of bed!! I will be happy if I get through the first 14 slightly less physical challenges and pass the half way mark; I will be really pleased with my health if I can go into the second half and do the more physical challenges!…..

15. Learn a new skill outside of my normal zone
16. Bake and decorate a themed cake
17. Sew a dress
18. Re-cover the cushions of the rocking chair
19. Paint plant pots
20. Give a hand made gift
21. Make Turkish delight
22. Make a potted herb garden
23. Travel somewhere new
24. Create a travel journal
25. Create printed t shirts
26. Make bags for Dad’s outdoor equipment
27. Be able to complete a tai chi set
28. Do a creative writing course
29. Be healthy enough to resume being a regular gym junkie!

I will work through this list, not in any set order and post my progress as I go!

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