Sometimes we don’t have time or energy to make an elaborate meal, so I have collected five of my favourite easy meals that you can just throw together. They are healthy and fresh, and are gluten, dairy, nut and egg free, and low FODMAP. You can even make them vegan if you choose to by removing the seafood that I have added and using tofu (cooked your favourite way).

I haven’t written amounts for these (apart from the smoothie) because it really depends on what proportions you prefer; you might want to load up your bowl with corn but not so much with the bok choi – it’s entirely up to you!

Because of my POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome), I struggle to be at the stove for a long time due to the heat and the need to stand still. These recipes are great for that because a lot of the preparation can be done sitting down! And these aren’t heavy meals, so you feel good afterwards, yet they are filling and full of nutrients.

I really hope that you enjoy these tasty meals!

Fresh mango and avocado salad

Dice mango and avocado into bite size chunks. Thinly slice cucumber length ways (or use a mandolin) and finely dice fresh red chilli.
Add these to cooked prawns (you could replace these with tofu) and toss (you could add sweet chilli sauce here too if you like). Sprinkle with torn fresh mint and squeeze lime juice over the top. Serve alone or with rice or cold/warm noodles.

Fish/tofu salad

Add lettuce or mixed greens, tomatoes, rocket, cucumber, and parsley and/or mint to a bowl. Add lime juice, your favourite dressing or dairy free mayonnaise combined with sweet chilli sauce, and top with hot smoked trout or salmon (you could replace this with tofu, or your preferred meat). You could also add croutons (which are great cooked with a splash of garlic infused oil!).

Sweet potato and quinoa salad

Combine roasted sweet potato cut into bite size squares with cooked quinoa. Add ripped spinach leaves, almond slivers (remove to make the recipe nut free), chopped dried cranberries, pepitas, and chopped spring onion and/or mint. Squeeze lime over the top.

Veggie bowl

Add cooked quinoa or rice to a bowl. Top with steamed bok choy, sliced avocado, carrot (steamed or raw), radish and chilli, and steamed, roasted or tinned corn. You can add roasted vegetables if you like, such as sweet potato or pumpkin. Top with hot smoked trout or salmon (or your choice of meat, such as chicken, or tofu), parsley and lime juice. A dollop of natural coconut yogurt mixed with finely sliced mint is great too, or dairy free mayonnaise mixed with sweet chilli sauce.

Green smoothie

Add to a food processor 2 – 3 stalks of kale (just the leaf section, not the hard centre part), a handful of spinach, 1 – 2 frozen bananas, several leaves of mint (optional), half a cucumber (without the skin), 1/4 – 1/2 avocado (optional), 1/2 – 1 tablespoon of chia seeds (optional), and enough coconut water and/or dairy free milk to make it the consistency you prefer. Blend until smooth. You can add other fruits in too if you want to (be warned – it might not be green anymore! It may turn brown but it will still be delicious!).

Please let me know if you make any of these! Which ingredients are your favourites…i.e. Did you load up on sweet potato but only put in one token piece of sliced carrot??!!

Happy cooking!!

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