It is already time to set March goals! I had mixed success with last month’s goals but that is to be expected at times and I am not going to beat myself up about it. These smaller goals are important to get me to a new place by the end of the year, so I need to keep going. Are you planning smaller goals this year as opposed to big New Year-inspired goals (that you may have already forgotten!)? Are you finding that they are keeping you on track for the year, that even though you might not get every single one ticked off each month, they are driving you to constantly strive for the bigger picture?

This month, I plan to continue working on my January and February goals and add the following:

Bookish goal:

Read one book a week. This sounds epic to me and is definitely not something I would aim for usually because that is a lot of pressure on me personally but I need to do it for uni, so here we go!

Writing goal:

Write something that is not uni or blog related at least once a week. I struggle to get into a routine with my creative writing, especially with all the writing that is involved for my course, so I think starting off with a small goal like this will help me to include writing more regularly in my week.

Health goals:

Do 2000 steps two times a week (on days that I don’t have a form of exercise or movement planned). This doesn’t sound like anything to some but most days I am doing well to pass 1000 steps, so doing 2000 steps more regularly is a big step up (no pun intended). On Mondays and Fridays I have uni, on Wednesdays I have clinical pilates (and occasionally I may got to uni), and on Thursdays I have tai chi. So on Tuesdays, Saturdays or Sundays, I need to do 2000 steps. Mondays will be particularly big days for me, so I am seeing Tuesdays as open to being potential rest days, and Wednesday pilates classes are only half hour, so I may be able to do my steps that day too.

Reduce current sugar goals to having two refined sugar treats a week. I am finding it is quite hard to keep an eye on the hidden sugars in foods, but on the whole I don’t eat many processed foods so I don’t think I need to count the occasional meal that contains sugars, such as sushi rice or bread. My main focus is the naughty sweet treat I have been eating daily recently (the festive season really got me into a bad habit!).

Age gracefully. My birthday is this month and I am going to ignore the number and plough on!! It is very hard to not feel sad, disheartened and frustrated when missing opportunities and seeing all the things people around me are achieving that I have not been able to do due to my health. Sometimes it feels like my life is going nowhere. But I need to try to keep doing my thing and find my own motivation to make realistic achievements happen within my ability.

What are your goals for this month? If you don’t have anything particular in mind yet, why don’t you set one or two goals now? Is there something you really want to do? Is there anything you are planning this month that is outside of your comfort zone? What about something little or simple that will make you or someone else happy? Are you maintaining or building on previous goals? Please let me know!

               We’ve got this!!

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4 Comments on March goals – 2018

  1. What date is your birthday, Gem? A ‘notable’ number is coming up for me this year and what you just wrote, about feeling others are doing things you haven’t been able to due to your health, really hit a cord with me. I’ve been feeling so behind in life, and more so every time thoughts of age come in to it! I guess I don’t have any amazingly awesome advice (sorry!) but I will just say that you’re not alone.. As for the goals, I think you’ve got some good ones here – I think I’ll join you in trying to write something creatively that’s not for my blog, because it’s something I feel I want to do, but for the longest time I haven’t because my brain has been so foggy and creativity gets shoved to the back of queue of things to work on. Here’s to a positive March for you lovely! 🙂
    Caz x

  2. Hi Gem,

    I have just nominated you for the One Lovely Blogger Award (how could I not!?). I’ll leave the link in the website field if you would like to do it.

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