I am going to do some posts from now until Christmas to give you some simple ideas to help your festive mood! Also check out my weekly Blogmas entries! It can be tough to get into the festive spirit when you are not able to go to parties, or be part of work festivities and all that end of year fun. I am definitely struggling, but really want to enjoy Christmas!IMG_1211-2

Today, I want to give you some ideas for decorating your little space. This is a great way to make you feel merry, and can be as simple and inexpensive as you want to make it. You can also include some DIY and have some fun with it!

I have little twinkle lights in my room that are year-round but look great in particular at this time of year. I also have a couple of fun little Christmas characters that I picked up at Kmart, and a little Christmas tree that has my kind of colours.

I printed a free digital Christmas tree print out and popped it into a frame I already had.

These are little things that just make me smile and feel that bit more Christmasy and happy.

This guy sings!!

You could use tinsel, cut out some snowflakes, hang up some baubles; anything that you fancy! Be creative!

Even your pet’s toys can get in on the fun!!


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