Day 8 (Tuesday):

Book on my wish list

I have bought quite a few books lately, but my to-read list is forpaleever growing, so a book high on my wish list that I haven’t bought yet is ‘Beyond the Pale’ by Emily Urquhart. This book tells the story of the author’s daughter who was born with albinism, and the cultural beliefs associated with this rare genetic condition, where pigment fails to form in the skin, hair and eyes. The book looks at how we explain human differences through a system of beliefs, rather than scientific explanation. It truly sounds like a fascinating read. The paperback does not come out until April 2016, so I am waiting for that (cheaper!) version.

Day 9 (Wednesday):


IMG_0970I have been absolutely exhausted and light headed today, so my planned day of writing in a quiet house turned into naps and listening to an audiobook with Albi. I am grateful today for my beautiful puppy, for my books, for the ability to access movies and the internet (I can not imagine living with these illnesses 10+ years ago; it would have been even more boring and lonely!), and for a family who supports me on days like this.

Day 10 (Thursday):

Best book gift

I love giving books as gifts because it is a way of sharing stories that hBook-as-a-giftave made an impact on you, and that you think others will enjoy. I think the best book to give is your favourite book, depending on the receiver! For me, that currently means “The Bone Clocks”, “Church of Marvels”, “Haunting Olivia”, and “The Book Thief.” Other great book gifts could include “One Day”, “The Art of Racing in the Rain”, and the list could go on!…

Day 11 (Friday):

Favourite holiday songrudolf-het-rendier-met-de-rode-neus-cat

I have not been a Human Nature fan since my teens, but I stumbled across their version of ‘Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer’ this year and I have had it on repeat since! It is good fun!

Day 12 (Saturday):

To be read pile

My TBR list is so big that I have split it into parts! On Goodreads, my overall to-read list has 333 books on it. The smaller list for 2015 still has 31 books on it. I have a bookshelf in my workroom that has 19 books on it, and then the bookshelf in my bedroom has 23 books on; the books that are highest on my current TBR pile! Phew! Here are those 23 books….

Day 13 (Sunday):Sweet

I have been so exhausted today, but Mum, Albi and I went for a drive before dinner to look at the Christmas lights on people’s houses. We went prepared….Candy Canes for Mum and I, and a Christmas Croc for Albi! (Can you believe I found Gem-friendly Candy Canes?!)

Day 14: (Monday):

Currently reading

I am reading ‘Outlander’ at the moment. I have the book and the audiobook, and am swapping between the two. I started watching the tv series quite a while ago and really enjoyed it, realised it was a book series, so stopped watching. I want to read the first book before completing the first tv season. From what I have watched and read, both version are almost word for word! Such a great story so far; I can’t wait to get deeper into the book, past where I have seen on screen.


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