Let’s discuss our book club book, Station Eleven, throughout August!11

As this book was our May/June book, and I finished it in July, it may be an indication of the effect this book had on me. I struggled to get completely hooked by it, which was disappointing because I did have high hopes for it.

I think it was a great storyline. It may have been a post-apocalyptic type book, but I felt it was a relatable one. It was told in a way that could be perceived as possible, and therefore made you think about many things in life that we currently take for granted. The author was successful in her goal of making me re-evaluate our society’s lifestyle, how easily it could disappear, and how much we rely on each other for the world to continue to tick.

However, I found I got lost a little at times. I think this was contributed to by the fact I listened to this on audiobook, and therefore did not have chapters and page breaks to indicate a change in time. Also, because I wasn’t hooked, I kept leaving it, and then coming back to it sometime later. There was a lot of jumping back and forward, at times only for brief periods, and I found that I didn’t get completely immersed into the story because I was trying to figure out where we were up to.

I enjoyed the writing style. I thought there was a great use of lovely metaphors and similes in particular. It was also interesting to see the story from several points of view. I thought it was clever how something mentioned at one point, eventually linked up with something further on.

Overall, I did enjoy this story, but it did not hold my attention in the way I had hoped. Maybe this was due to the sober mood, I am not sure, but I did find it interesting.

What were your thoughts about this book? Did  you read it, or listen to it? Who were your favourite characters? Did this story make you think about your life? I would love to hear how you found this book. Start discussing over at our bookclub site, here.



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