What I Lick Before Your Face and Other Haikus by Dogs is a small book that is absolutely fantastic. As the title implies, it consists of haikus that are written by dogs to humans. 

Well, ok, they are written by Jamie Coleman, but he does a great job of capturing dogs’ perspectives!

My mum gave me this book for Christmas and I devoured it in fits of laughter. It is definitely a feel good book! I did not count it in my 2018 reading challenge as it is quite short, but it most certainly deserves a review!

In case you are unsure, the haiku is a form of poetry that originated in Japan and is made up of just three lines. The first and last line consists of five syllables and the middle line has seven, and these generally do not rhyme. Sounds simple but can be harder to create than you think! 

This book is great for a dog loving reader, but even non dog owners would appreciate the humour and sweetness of it. 

I have so many favourites but to give you an idea of what some of the great haikus in this book are like, here are three that make me laugh…

The Boss

I just eat and sleep

And you collect my faeces

But sure you’re the boss.


I saw the best minds 

Of my generation, lick

Each other’s bumholes


Hey, would it kill you,

Every once in a while,

To lick my face back?


Each haiku is accompanied by a fabulous photograph of a gorgeous dog, just to top off this lovely book.

I absolutely recommend everyone checks this book out. I gave it 5 out of 5 stars.

Thanks, Mum! 

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