I might not be up to sharing extravagant low FODMAP and allergy friendly recipes with you just yet (as I mentioned here), but I can show you glimpses into the easy snacks and treats I have during the day!
Today’s lunch? Sardines on toast! Super easy and quick, perfect on a wintery day, and I could even manage to throw it together myself while feeling achey and gross. I can feel the goodness and vitality from it oozing into my veins as I type! Definitely one to keep in the archives for days like these.

I toasted two slices of Country Life Bakery gluten and dairy free white bread. (I save gluten free bread for now and again treats, as it still has egg in it).

I toasted some pine nuts (I just placed them on the nearly cooked toast under the grill).

I used John West’s Sardines in tomato sauce (in oil is also delcious) and smashed them over the warm toast.

Serve with spinach, or whatever you have around.

What is so good about eating Sardines?!….

They are packed with protein, omega-3 fatty acids, calcium, iron,  and potassium. They are quite low in salt content, they are low in mercury and toxins for a fish, and are low in calories. They are cheap to buy, can be bought fresh or tinned, are simple to prepare, and they just taste so darn good!! Get them into you!!

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