I have now completed week three of this diet, and boy, has this week been about cravings!

I haven’t given into them or cheated, however I have eaten more fruit than I should to compensate. I have also been eating quite a lot of coconut. I am realising that this is not a good thing for me. Coconut flour and flakes make me feel quite nauseous, and I can feel my body struggling to digest it. The milk, oil and water seem to go down much better, in small to moderate portions. Subsequently, I will aim to ease off on the coconut next week, and to monitor my fruit intake.

I am learning that I have to change my thinking – this diet means forgetting our society’s breakfast norms, treats and desserts. I have never been a breakfast lover, until I discovered quinoa and chia with berry and ginger sauce! I am definitely missing this as a start to my day. I will work on not thinking about fruit for breakfast this week, and concentrate on vegetables and proteins. I also quite enjoy something sweet with my cuppa after dinner – something else I need to work on.

As you all would know, I love to bake. This diet is not conducive to such a hobby!! I have enjoyed baking because it not only means I have yummy treats to eat and share, but it has been a light activity that I can do to move my body, and has given me something exciting to fill my time. I have been making things with coconut lately, but as I have said, that has not been going well, so I need to hold back on that. This makes me sad to think baking might be on the back burner for a while!

At the beginning of this diet, I felt liberated and in control of my health. However, this week it has started to feel like yet another thing that my body restricts me with. I know that I am so lucky in that I can still eat. My body allows me to consume some pretty amazing foods, and this is something so many people long for. I appreciate what I do have. At the same time though, human nature what it is, I am finding it frustrating and like it is another punishment in my life.

As with everything I face though, I will put one foot in front of the other, plod on, look for the positives, and keep working hard to get well!
Glimpses of week three’s food in photos:
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