I made it through my second week following the AIP diet! Things went a bit better this week.

My digestive system seems a bit happier. I have been full of cold all week though, which has been the longest cold I have had in years (I used to get long colds regularly, but since I have been unwell with the autoimmune issues, I have barely had a cold – a strange but happily taken side effect!). This week’s cold may be part of the transition to the diet, may be the change in seasons, or may just be my luck – I am not sure!

I am so grateful to have an awesome support network, and my Mum, who is a great and creative cook, has helped me a lot by prepping mounds of delicious AIP compliant foods. If you are following this diet or considering it, then you have chronic illnesses, namely autoimmune disease. This means that you probably have similar issues to me; unrelenting and severe fatigue, pain, brain fog, dizziness and syncope, and the list goes on. The key to keeping to this diet is planning ahead. Stock pile, stock pile, stock pile!! Make up a big batch of bone broth, soups or vegetables and keep them in the freezer for easy access. I am not sure how I would manage if I didn’t have my fantastic Mum, but if you don’t have the help, just concentrate on taking it slowly, do one big batch cook when you can, and your frozen stores will soon expand.

A glimpse into this week’s food in photos:


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