I have a lot of time on my hands these days while I am unable to work or socialise because of my health. Sometimes, I waste this time, watching trashy sitcoms, or mindlessly flipping through magazines, and that is what I need at those times. Then other times, I make use of brain fog free moments, and read amazing blogs, articles and books about such a range of topics that interest me. We truly are blessed with what we can access. This post is my 100th in blogland, and to celebrate, I have been reflecting on how fantastic blogs can be.

I recently started using BlogLovin, which is a site that enables you to subscribe to all the blogs that interest you, and to find new ones within your interests. It has really opened my eyes to how many amazing blogs there are out there. I follow almost seventy blogs now, which is a long way from when I barely new what a blog was a few months ago!

These great forums of free speech show how lucky we are. There are blogs about everything and anything. In my health situation, I have gained so much help and inspiration, and so many ideas and plans from people who have lived through what I am dealing with. We can reach out to people and learn from them; people we will never meet. One minute you can read about how to deal with chronic illness, the next about creating great photography or discovering an amazing new author on the scene, and the next about how to cook with zucchini!

I also am loving the ability to write a blog. I may not currently have the ability to do what I would really like to for this blog, such as create a huge pile of recipes, but that will come. And in the meantime, I am truly loving and learning from this opportunity to write.

Get out there and explore the world of blogs. Choose a topic that interests you, and see who writes a great blog on that subject. You will be blown away with what you will find! If you need a starting point, take a look at the list of blogs which I follow, on the right hand side on my home page.


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