This month, we are going to try something new for our book club! Instead of setting a book, I want to set a challenge. This means we will all inevitably read different books, which makes it exciting and different! This then will bring us together to discuss the book we read, which we chose to fit the challenge, and opens us up to new book recommendations from each other.

Because we will not all read the same book, I am asking that you don’t give spoilers in your reviews! Talk about what you like or do not like, about the characters, the author, the plot; anything that takes your fancy, but try to not give too much away, so that we can take your suggestion on board and put it on our To Be Read lists!

If you like this idea, let me know, and we can do a challenge rather than a set book every few months to spice things up!

To start us off, the challenge that I have chosen for us is:

Choose a book/audiobook purely by its cover.


As we are discussing our last book, ‘Station Eleven’ in August and September, start reading your book choice anytime from now, and we will begin talking about the books from October 1st.

I hope that you enjoy this! Happy reading!


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