Day 15 (Tuesday):


I have had a massive headache today (since last night) and feel pretty gross all over, so today’s prompt is a little tricky! But Mum and I did watch the movie “Inside Out”, which I have wanted to watch for ages, and it was great!! It is about the little “people” inside us who control our emotions! Hilarious and moving. Such a good movie!insideoutfamily-normal_e46cac6d

Day 16 (Wednesday):

Changed my life

I always think that this is a tough question, because different books can change your life for different reasons. In terms of making me more passionate about writing and reading – both fundamental parts of me – I could thank a lot of authors. Enid Blyton’s and John Marsden’s books would be high on that list as ones that set off my love of books and writing early on in my life. In terms of the story lines of books, this is even tougher, and I think I am still deciding this one!

adventures-of-the-wishing-chair 200tomorrow-200x0

Day 17 (Thursday):

Favourite holiday movie

I have to admit I do love the romcoms….”Love Actually” and “Family Stone” are definite reruns on my list each year! My family’s must-watch movie each year, although not typically Christmasy, is “Life of Brian.” “The Castle” usually finds its way in too!
This year, I have also watched “The Beauty and the Beast; The Enchanted Christmas”, which was quite a light but sweet movie. I have seen bits of “Buddy the Elf” and “The Grinch”, but they aren’t really my thing! I do plan to watch “Arthur Christmas” and “The Polar Express.”ae5804c1416b40d1a4ba6344a79d9e58

Day 18 (Friday):

snowHoliday read I don’t recommend

This would be Johns Green’s “Let It Snow” hands downs. We read this as part of the Glimpsing Gembles online book club last year, and you can read our discussion here. I thought this was quite a painful book, and although it has some sweet, fairly bearable parts, I think it is best avoided!

Day 19 (Saturday):


Today, my family have been making the final touches to the house in preparation for il_340x270.652295487_sqzlChristmas’ visitors this week (including Santa!), so the house has festive bling and intriguing gifts all over the place! My older brother and sister-in-law are moving back to Australia on Monday after several years in London, and this means that I finally get to meet my 16 month old nephew! We are all so excited.

Day 20 (Sunday):

Favourite character the nice list

Gosh, this is a tough one! I thought it would be easy, but nice characters are the ones you usually fall in love with. From my recent favourites, I think I will choose Enzo from ‘The Art of Racing in the Rain.’ He has a beautiful nature, is loving, respectful, enlightened, inquisitive, reliable, funny, loyal, and is the family dog.ArtofRacingIntheRain

Day 21 (Monday):

Today’s temperature

Today has been a fairly warm but pleasant 29 degrees Celcius. I have done some Christmas baking – I made my orange almond cake with an added a ginger twist, and some choc chip almond and hazelnut cookies. And just before midnight we are off to the airport to collect my brother, sister-in-law and nephew!!! Yipee!! 29

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