Unbelievable but true…it’s time for a January wrap up! I’ve not done monthly wrap ups routinely in the past, but I have decided that it would be a good way to keep track of progress with my 19 things for 2019 goals, and a nice opportunity to have a chat with you all about how our month was! I know I always enjoy reading or listening to other people’s wrap ups.

I have got off to a fairly good start with my goals for the year. I am particularly happy with how I went with these three goals:

Goal 2… spend time out of the house by myself once a fortnight.
I hadn’t created the goal before the first fortnight, so I feel like it’s ok that I only did this once this month! On January 29th, I went to a local cafe and had a delicious cake with an earl grey tea, and read Notes From a Public Typewriter by Michael Gustafson (review to come!). It was lovely to just relax, enjoy some time to myself and indulge in a yummy treat. I am surprised how I had to push myself to make sure I did get out by myself. This month has been very social, which has been great, but taking ‘me’ time is something I had to remind myself to do, but I am definitely looking forward to the next fortnight’s outing! What shall I do – any suggestions?!

Goals 7/8…work on my writing more regularly (extended piece and short stories).
This one definitely needs work in terms of frequency but I am pleased with the improvement. I have a long piece still brewing in my mind, but after realising that this was stopping me from starting anything else, I have started working on a shorter piece (which actually has potential to become a longer work – we’ll see!). I have done some writing at home, and also went to the local library (except it was school holidays and was just a ridiculously loud building of screaming so it wasn’t exactly a creative atmosphere!). Also, I have renewed my membership with my state’s Writers Centre, and as part of this there is the opportunity to be part of Writing Fridays. This involves sitting in a room with other writers and using the Pomodoro method (25 minutes writing, 5 minutes break, 25 minutes writing, 5 minutes break etc…). It was full for a couple of weeks but I managed to get in at the end of the month (ok, it was the 1st of February but that was the Friday of the last week of January!..)

Goal number 12…Look for, and hopefully fulfil, a volunteer position.
I am excited about this one! I have regularly looked for volunteer opportunities over the past few years and have not been able to find something suitable. I was having a look at the start of the month, found something interesting, applied straight away, and within a week was doing the training for it! The position is within a new program that is part of a partnership with the Government Department of Education to help children in local schools by supporting them with their reading. This seemed perfect for me as I obviously love books, and I have enjoyed working with children before; it is great to be able to combine both areas. I am still to be allocated a school, but the training was really interesting and fun so I am looking forward to hopefully starting soon.

Two goals that I need to work harder on in February include:

Goal number 10…moisturise and floss!
I’ve tried but…

Goal number 19…Don’t reach for my phone immediately upon waking.
Lots of people told me this is one they need to work on too, and let me tell you, it is much easier said than done!

Alongside my goals, my reading for the month has been pretty good. I have read 5 books, which is 12% of my yearly goal of 40, which bodes fairly well!!

The books I read are:
I Am Watching You (review)
This Is How It Always Is by Laurie Frankel (review to come)
Tin Man by Sarah Winman (review to come)
Duke by Kirby Larson (review to come)
Notes from a Public Typewriter by Michael Gustafson (review to come) 

In terms of creating recipes, I have had a few baking sessions, which has been great.

I made: chocolate caramels (also quite similar to turkish delights) (recipe), and gingerbread biscuits (recipe to come).

As mentioned with goals number 7/8, I have done some writing this month, which I am pleased about. I definitely want to expand on this and get to it more often. Routines don’t really work with my lifestyle, so I need to work out some kind of system that works better for me to get some regular writing in!

Some things I’ve been particularly grateful for in January include:

Catching up with lots of friends and my Mum and visiting some yummy cafes and restaurants with them.

Air con! It has often been above 30 degrees celsius and very humid lately, and our air con was broken for two weeks mid month!! So since it has been back in action, I have not been taking it for granted!

The cricket season. I love watching the cricket and it’s the season
here in Australia. I was hesitant at first to get back into it due to the let’s-not-mention-it
*incident*, but have been really enjoying it. The Aussie team is mostly new and young but there is potential!

Did you have a good January? It can be a difficult month – various emotions floating around, coming out of the festive season, wrapping up holidays, and setting up for a new year – but I hope it’s also been a relaxing and motivating one too. I would love to hear how you’ve been!

Happy February! 

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  1. Excellent wrap-up, Gem! I am glad you were able to do lots of things in January, and all the best with your writing and volunteering. I am sure you will make amazing progress on both fronts!

    As for the cricket, Aus are looking slightly more promising than England at the moment 🙂 🙂

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