There are various camps when it comes to setting bookish goals, particularly number targets, and I understand why.

It could be said that if we’re book lovers, why do we need any more of a push than that? I know I can’t imagine not having a book on the go – at least not for more than a day or two. It can also place unnecessary pressure to do something that should, after all, be an enjoyable and beneficial activity. And why should something that can be absorbed and lingered over be rushed just to reach a number? Also, let’s not forget, it has taken a dedicated author months upon months, and often, years upon years to deliver a wonder to your hands (what an honour it is to be a receiver of that); it is no small feat to be overlooked or unappreciated as we dash to a finish line.

That said, I find it’s fun to be aware of what, how, when and why I’m reading. No doubt because I thrive on lists, targets and deadlines in my life!

So, I like to set bookish goals at the start of the year and it adds a valuable element to my reading and writing, but I keep in mind that enjoyment is more crucial than any number. There is no right or wrong in my eyes – if you want to make goals, go for it, if not, that’s great too.

My 2021 bookish goals:                                                                                                     

Reading  –

This year, I aim to read 54 books.
In 2021, I read 53 books. I traditionally add at least one book to my goal each year, and apparently I’m a glutton for punishment in 2021!  – this tradition may well stop after this year or next!! 
It may be ambitious because I am starting a new uni course this year, and my health has been quite meh lately, but I’ll give it a red hot go (and targets can always be adjusted when they’re no longer beneficial).

I want to read 24 – 27 physical/electronic books. I love reading physical books, but I definitely could chisel out more time to do so. It’s well known I love audiobooks, and I would never restrict my audiobook intake to reach another goal, but in 2021, I really want to zone in and focus on reading at least 2 books a month – only with my eyes!

This leads on to my ongoing goal of choosing reading over other activities more often (I’m looking at you endless Insta-scrolling and YouTube rabbit hole!).

My other goals roll on year to year. These include:

  • Read more books I already own
  • Pick up more diverse books and authors.
  • Continue taking part in buddy reads. I haven’t participated in readathons, so I might try to find one or two that I’d enjoy, too.

Writing –

My main focus is my current Work in Progress (WIP), which I began developing at the beginning of November 2020. It’s a family-focused magical realism novel.

I usually say I’m a *pantser when it comes to writing (rather than a *plotter), but I’ve realised that’s because I’ve always written short stories (and poetry). But since working on novel length pieces, I have realised I’m more of a *planster, leaning more towards a plotter (*definitions at the bottom of the page!). While laying out the details of the novel, I’ve had some major plot hole issues but, dare I say it, I might be getting close to having developed my overall plan and being able to start actually writing. Because I haven’t completed a novel draft before, I don’t know what a reasonable goal for me is, especially alongside study and health issues. So, I think I will set the vague goal of – write as much as possible every day – and keep on pushing to get the words ticking along in their thousands!

Blog –

In regard to my blogging in 2021, I aim to continue adding content, and also increase my focus on my Instagram account (@thetastychapter). I’m not setting any specifics, apart from enjoy the process.

Overall, having fun and maintaining motivation is what I’m after in 2021. Read, read, read, write, write, write but not to the detriment of my love of all things books!

What are your bookish goals for this year, or lack thereof?! I’d love to hear your thoughts on setting these types of goals and what that looks like for you.

I hope you’re off to a great start with your bookish pursuits and that it’s a fabulous year ahead.

Happy goal setting (or happy no-goal setting)!

*Plotter – a writer who plans and outlines their books in detail
*Pantser – a writer who gets straight in there and starts writing…by the seat of their pants!
*Plantser – you guessed it, a combo of the two!

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