I love to write and to share my ideas and experiences on my blog. I am constantly thinking of new ways to make it more interesting and give my readers a blog which they enjoy. Due to my health, it is quite hard for to me remain consistent, but I try my best, and you are all so understanding and patient with this! I wanted to share with you some new ideas and updates I have for the blog, so here they are.

Motivational Monday will now be Monthly Motivation on the 1st of the month. I want to be able to focus on a point which will really benefit us all; something to keep us inspired, reflecting and strong for the entire month.

Wellness Wednesday will expand from just movement ideas to any type of activity or product which benefits mind or body. This will involve interviews, product reviews, experiences, and advice.

Foodie Friday will remain the day which a post will go up with a new recipe, including exploring ingredients and their health benefits.

As always, extra posts on other health, wellness and lifestyle related topics will pop up throughout the week also.

The Glimpsing Gembles Book Club is also continuing. This is a club for everybody, no matter what your health, education, work or lifestyle is, you can join in! I announce a new book on the first of every second month, and we begin our online discussion of the most recently read book on that day too. Your input into the online discussion can be as in detail or brief as you desire. There is no expectation on a certain quality of answer; I just want you to enjoy being involved in a chat about various books which you may have not picked up otherwise.
As this post goes up, the book we are currently reading is “The Hambledown Dream” by Dean Mayes, and we will begin discussion March 1.

I hope you will like these minor adjustments to the blog. Thank you for reading it, and I hope you will get something from it.

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